For cross-chain storage of blockchain,SCDS is developed based on Substrate framework protocol.

At present, Polkadot project  also USES Substrate frame, which is designed based on this mature frame and has the following characteristics:


Achieve block chain consensus algorithm, final certainty and block voting logic.


The P2P Net-Library capable of node discovery, data synchronization and replication.


By an efficient deterministic and sandboxed WebAssembly running mechanism, it can be used to run smart contracts and even other Substrate based developed projects.


Run a node seamlessly in the browser that can communicate with any desktop or cloud node.



Cross-platform database/file storage abstraction.


Seamless client updates. Quickly and safely deploy the local version of your code without fear of hardforks and other consensus issues.


Achieve the following goals by SCDS outer cross-chain technology.


Realize interopera, and provide the standard communication mechanism,network protocol,asset communication and service semantics, facilitates the realization of different parallel chain interoperability.


Hiding heterogeneity of systemLogical stratification is established, and the modules with the same processing function are established with a hierarchy. The communication between layers is through service language, while the communication between layers cannot be directly conducted across the hierarchy, thus shielding heterogeneity and block structure of consensus algorithm governance structure.


Implement Trusted isolation and establish security boundaries that define the boundaries between the Trusted and the untrusted.



Clear unified security interface, the use of reference monitor, to ensure maximum security. Access path can be confirmed and verifiable, to achieve security and trust.




Smagnetic Magnetic chain-across protocol consists of two layers of protocol:

I:Basic application layer storage data distribution protocol between App and SCDS.


II:SCDS and Three - phase interaction protocol for outer - chain storage