SSP protocol storage

SSP is the core of SCDS middle platform layer procedures, provide various SDK supply with call in form, provide all kinds of storage service for the upper application, including vital encryption to heavy technology, decentralized static persistent storage, cache service, storage management, cross chain scheduling management functions, such as include account management, key management and data security mechanism.

In the overall design framework, we will also achive traditional cloud storage management support by SCDS SSP protocol.

At present, with the development of cloud computing, cloud storage is more and more favored and supported by many blockchain manufacturers. On the one hand, cloud storage can provide massive, safe and low-cost cloud storage services and provide 99.9999999999% of data reliability.


On the other hand, cloud storage generally USES RESTful API, can be stored and accessed anywhere on the Internet, capacity and processing capacity elastic expansion, a variety of storage types are available.