SeaCloud Product

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SeaCloud Cloud Sea Distributed Storage Products

(1) SeaCloud Yunhai Product Introduction

SeaCloud is a fractional block chain storage product based on SCDS cross-chain protocol that integrates block chain, big data, and crawler technology, cloud computing and other technologies. Its development team brings together the top block chains from around the world, which team is held by engineers, cryptographers, storage experts, big data analysts, etc.


SeaCloud provides a distributed storage product based on block chain technology, which integrates storage applications, mining and digital currency management. It builds a client, background management system and idle cloud open platform scenario.



SeaCloud target users include:


Corporate and individual users who need to store images, videos, and other file resources


Mine users and ecological users involved in mining


Developers who need to access the idle cloud open platform later


Through the cloud Dapp client, enterprise and individual users can contribute their own idle resources, and can also obtain storage resources at any time for personal use or enterprise application scenarios, such as being a network disk and making a data center distributed database. Cloud Sea Dapp's proven reliability technology, coupled with tens of thousands of nodes around the world, will ensure the reliability and availability of data stored by businesses and individuals. Yunhai Dapp provides enterprise users with multi-user management, user role-based permissions, and reporting to meet the diverse needs of enterprise storage.


Ecological users include ordinary users, mine owners, and users are essentially ordinary users. Eco-users contribute their own idle resources to participate in the ecology and receive token rewards. See the incentive mechanism section for details. The mine owner can form a scale calculation power rental.


(2) SCDS is the technical foundation of SeaCloud

Based on SCDS development, SeaCloud is the first project in the ecosystem, developed by the SCDS early development team. After SeaCloud's great success, the team considered it necessary to frame the technology behind SeaCloud, and the popularity and maturity of cross-chain technology ultimately led to the birth of the SCDS concept.


From the perspective of product features, SeaCloud has the same functionality as ordinary distributed storage, but SeaCloud is built on SCDS, which has the advantages of block chain point-to-point self-maintenance, information persistent storage, and tampering. More importantly, Enhance the enthusiasm of eco-users to participate in construction through the incentive mechanism of tokens, thus forming a benign self-adaptive storage blue ocean market.


Currently SeaCloud Cloud supports PC mining, so the physical sensing layer is defined as Physical Default: = 0000.


According to SCDS, SeaCloud uses the storage interface API and SDK as the portal to use SCDS professional storage services, including core technologies such as storage data chaining, encryption deduplication, and zero-knowledge verification. After SeaCloud is integrated into SCDS, the SSP protocol is responsible for distributing storage traffic, buffering data, and stimulating interfaces. By default, SeaCloud Yunhai will receive a certain amount of token initial reward after registering users on the APP, and get 100M of hard disk initial hard disk space. The current 100M initial space cost is provided by the SCDS eco-fund, and the subsequent SCDS eco-establishment It will be provided by the user after it is up.


The resource pool of SCDS will be contributed by eco users. At present, it has cooperated with many storage system manufacturers. Once the Smagnetic magnetic cross-chain protocol research and development test is sufficient, SeaCloud will be able to connect external storage systems through Smagnetic magnetic cross-chain protocol, so that it has a small amount of storage resources.