5G driverless

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5G driverless, video storage cache application scenario

5G provides an application basis for the popularity of drones, ultra high definition video, and edge computing. The explosive growth of data caused by 5G and the Internet of Things era, as well as the special requirements for distributed data storage capabilities, will put tremendous pressure on storage capacity and the continuous operation of the entire business application.


SCDS's ability to integrate industry storage resources through Smagnetic's magnetic cross-chain protocol, with a one-stop SSP interface for millions of applications, will play a central role in the era of 5G and Internet of Everything.


Taking the video application as an example, SCDS will construct a decentralized 5G video storage in the future, and convert the video content into hashes, store them on the SCDS network, support video index variables, store variable substitution, and adopt content index-based Realize the streaming and smart contract operations of the video stream to realize intelligent analysis of massive video and pictures.


SCDS's video decentralized storage will serve multiple video scenes in Dapp mode, supporting camera multi-scene applications. From the user's point of view, video storage goes to the center of a system platform. From the system point of view, the video storage decentralization is generated by the joint calculation of millions of nodes around the world under the action of SCDS and magnetic protocol, and can achieve true decentralization. Video information is stored on the SCDS and uses block chain to provide accurate and efficient video graph analysis. Support various video live broadcast applications, provide decentralized video copyright protection, break the existing application centralized copyright operation, truly protect the copyright revenue of original live video, and provide peer-to-peer value exchange.