Intelligent lot scenario

2019-10-12 18:19:36 HHyqEwvnvDGCfpZorR8y 23

Along with the rise of 5G intelligent terminals and edge computing, a large number of real-time calculations that require interaction will be completed at the smart end and edge nodes. The core idea of edge computing is to transfer the storage, transmission, calculation and security of data to the edge nodes for processing. Among them, 5G cache technology can store content to the edge of the mobile network, so that users can get content services nearby, reduce congestion caused by repeated downloads, and effectively optimize end-to-end delay.


For example, a large number of users moving around the city, including buses, taxi, and passengers, make content requests for the latest popular TV festivals and videos. Assuming that content is simultaneously requested by a large number of similarly interested users, then providing content to each user creates a large number of redundant connections. This kind of scenario requires the cache to be provided by the nearest user. But caching comes at a price. In traditional technology, users will actively close the cache. Here, the token incentives provided by SCDS can prompt users to actively open the cache. In a real-world network, when a computational cache node is placed at a high level of the network "tree", its computational delay is correspondingly reduced, and as more nodes join the cache mining, the speed will be faster and faster.


SCDS can make full use of the computing power of the node itself to complete the docking needs of the IoT device computing storage and improve the timeliness of IoT perception. There are a large number of usage scenarios that require low latency response in IoT applications. When cloud computing is nowhere in these areas, SCDS's edge computing solution is a new solution.


When smart devices access SCDS and become a member of the SCDS ecosystem, smart devices will also receive ecological rewards. This benign ecology will also attract more intelligent devices to access, and more intelligent device vendors will integrate SCDS, such as the air conditioning and refrigerator have the SCDS mining function as soon as they are shipped.