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Token economy design

The SCDS token is on the original digital currency of Shine Cloud Storage. The SCDS token will serve as the backbone of the project ecosystem development, with a total of 400 million tokens issued. The specific allocation is as follows:


Fund side: 10% (locked warehouse 3 years) for ecological construction; technology development: 5% (locked warehouse 3 years) for technology development, product operation; community construction: 10% for community ecological construction Pledged equity: 10%, rewards pledge users; mining pool mining: 65% (mining output).



SCDS utilizes the block chain incentive mechanism. SCDS tokens will play a very important role. It reflects the value of SCDS. An important value line of SCDS is the incentive mechanism. Users contribute resources to get token rewards. Help system through Npos consensus mechanism. Verifying transactions, creating blocks, and using economic means to generate positive feedback can promote the continuous development of the system.  Tokens will be an incentive to motivate the community to continue to contribute to the system.


Another value line for SCDS is transaction attributes, where purchase space, transfer transactions, and access to SSP protocols and cross-chain storage protocols all consume SCDS tokens. When the Decentralized Storage Developer Forum is built, the developer sharing software will receive SCDS rewards, which will inspire more developers to join the ecosystem. Compared with other storage projects, the total amount of tokens in the tens of billions of dollars, the total amount of SCDS tokens is only 400 million, so a SCDS token carries more resources.


The economic cycle of the SCDS system relies on the user to store data. According to the information system life cycle methodology, for emerging technologies, fluctuations will inevitably occur in the early stage, and the introduction of user traffic is also critical, so it is hoped that some miners will be able to get rich first.  SCDS hopes to build the cornerstone of the decentralized application ecosystem in the 5G era. And this great process, we will achieve through at least two stages. In the first stage, SCDS will focus on creating the opportunities and conditions for the construction of storage ecology through the generous rewards, which is the foundation of everything. In the future development stage, SCDS will complete the adaptive ecology that is formed by the demand side, the supply side and the ecological side (miners).