Announcement on suspension of platform leasing business

        Dear shinecloud users, as the coronavirus outbreak is a public health event all over the world, and China is a disaster area, the situation is very serious, which has seriously affected the development of offline business activities of shinecloud community market. According to the suggestions of community leaders in the Asia Pacific region and the research of platform technology team, the Asia Pacific region is the main development region of platform business, and the platform decides to To suspend shinecloud's leasing business, we decided to make the following business suspension:

1. Suspension of space leasing;

2. Usdt transfer into suspension;

3. Suspension of SCDS transfer to trading platform;

4. Suspension of settlement system;

5. SCDS of the shinecloud platform can be transferred to the source application platform for value-added or circulation, and the source platform will be officially launched soon;

6. Normal exchange of trading platform;

        Under the influence of the epidemic situation, in order to ensure the healthy and healthy development of the platform, we hope that all users can understand the decisions made by the platform. When the epidemic situation in China is completely improved and the community is able to carry out offline business activities normally, we will wait for the platform to inform you. Please understand for the inconvenience caused to you!


Shinecloud team

February 8, 2020